One Lax Bahamas

Brady Labell and Jack Ewen established this non-profit organization with the goal of sharing their passion for lacrosse with underprivileged Bahamian children by introducing them to the sport. Fun fact, before One Lax Bahama’s first clinic in the summer of 2021, lacrosse did not even exist on the Island! One Lax Bahamas know with our resources, dedicated coaches, knowledge of the sport, and our amazing donors we can build a thriving lacrosse program over time in the Bahamas.

While our short term goal is to introduce the game of lacrosse to the children of New Providence, Bahamas, our long term initiative is to create a team of competitive lacrosse players who can challenge teams in the U.S. and, eventually, around the world – including the Olympics! It would also be nice to be able to get these young athletes college scholarships for lacrosse.

Summer of 2021 One Lax Bahamas held our first lax camp. It was a tremendous success introducing over 40 children to the sport of lacrosse. We want to be able to have more than 40 young athletes and that’s where we need your help.

Our next camp is happening in December of 2021!

Please keep on the lookout for ways to join and contribute to this ongoing program, the feeling of watching these kids really enjoy playing this sport is life changing!!